Keep Your European Car in Stellar Shape

4 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Import in Superior Shape Whether you drive a MINI or Mercedes, import car owners enjoy the unmatched power and performance of these amazing machines. However, like all cars, preventative maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your import vehicle. The import repair specialists at GT Peace Automotive […]

Preserve the Life of Your Engine

Three Care Tips to Preserve the Life of Your Engine Hands down, the engine is the most important part of your vehicle. Without an optimally functioning engine, your car wouldn’t be able to drive, let alone start. To vastly prolong the life of your engine and avoid expensive car engine repair costs, it’s essential to […]

Need an Oil Change? Our Certified Mechanics Have You Covered

What is the Best Engine Temperature for an Oil Change? At GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia, one of the most common questions our certified mechanics hear from customers is, “Is it best to get an oil change when my engine is hot or cold?” To better educate our customers so they can make informed […]

Need Brake Repair? We’ll Put a Stop to Your Squeaking Brakes

Five Signs You Need Brake Repair To stay safe while you’re behind the wheel, your vehicle’s brake system needs to be in tip-top shape. If even one component of this system is worn out, your car may not be able to stop efficiently. But how do you know if your car needs brake repair? Thankfully, […]

Prolong the Life of Your Transmission

Four Simple Steps to Increase the Life of Your Transmission A dependably-running car starts with a healthy transmission. This essential component makes sure the right amount of power is transferred to your wheels and that your vehicle always smoothly shifts gears. If your car has transmission trouble, it can be expensive to repair. Luckily, the […]

What Services Does Your Mercedes Need?

Mercedes has figured out the maintenance schedule for you! Most vehicle manufacturers include a suggested maintenance plan in their vehicle owner’s manual. Mercedes, of course, have put more thought into their suggestion than other companies. The Mercedes maintenance schedule breaks down into Service A and Service B, which include some of the some, but not […]

Repair Costs: Foreign Import v. Domestic Vehicles

What to Expect in Maintenance for Your Foreign Import When selecting your vehicle, there may have been any number of reasons why you chose an Import. Foreign vehicles are known for their performance, like the German vehicles that get their spirit from the Nuremberg race track. Maybe you were drawn to Italian luxury, with supple […]

Look out for these repair issues in your BMW!

Know the Common Issues with BMW Cars Foreign vehicles offer American buyers the opportunity to own high-end performance cars and the luxuries they have built into each model. Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are the most recognizable and consistently impressive foreign vehicles to see on the road around Chantilly, Virginia. Each manufacturer has any number of […]

Know the Signs of a Failing Clutch

Manual Drivers: Pay Attention to Your Clutch In general, manual drivers have to better feel for their vehicle than drivers of automatic engines. A manual driver has to wait for the ideal moment to shift gears, and they often rely on the visual of their dashboard dials, the sound of the RPMs, and the feel […]

Oil Viscosity: What You Need to Know

How can I make my oil changes last longer? All vehicle owners hear about oil changes and how they are necessary to keep your vehicle running. Often the discussion stops there. The truth is, the oil used in your oil change makes a world of difference to your vehicle’s performance and its overall life on […]