Keep Your European Car in Stellar Shape

4 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Import in Superior Shape Whether you drive a MINI or Mercedes, import car owners enjoy the unmatched power and performance of these amazing machines. However, like all cars, preventative maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your import vehicle. The import repair specialists at GT Peace Automotive […]

Repair Costs: Foreign Import v. Domestic Vehicles

What to Expect in Maintenance for Your Foreign Import When selecting your vehicle, there may have been any number of reasons why you chose an Import. Foreign vehicles are known for their performance, like the German vehicles that get their spirit from the Nuremberg race track. Maybe you were drawn to Italian luxury, with supple […]

What are the Most Popular Imports in the US?

The Most Coveted Imported Cars in the U.S. Americans definitely love imports. This includes cars. From the ruggedly handsome Subaru Forester to the sporty Kia Soul, the automotive experts at GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia are here to discuss the most popular imported cars in the U.S. Best of all, if you own an […]

3 Auto Repairs You’ll Need

There’s No Way Around It, Your Car Needs These Services! Have you heard about preventative maintenance and the magic it can do for your vehicle? Maintenance services protect vehicles, and many shops claim that means it can help you avoid auto repairs. While that might be partially true, GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia won’t […]

Higher Maintenance Brand: Mercedes, Audi, or BMW?

So you know you want a German luxury vehicle, but the question is: which of the big three is best? BMW, Mercedes, and Audi have evolved competitively since their starting roots, with less and less substantial distinctions to differentiate them in terms of performance, comfort, and style. As an auto shop, we think it’s best […]

How Our Import Repair Shop Can Help You

What to Look For In a Good Auto Shop Are you looking for a new auto repair shop in Chantilly, VA? Finding a great shop isn’t always easy. You want a blend of experienced, professional technicians and fair prices. Nothing is worse than a car problem that isn’t solved after the first visit because of […]

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello reader, so glad you clicked through to this page. Welcome to our very first blog entry. We’ll be using this space to write about anything and everything automotive related. You may find entries on car care tips, interesting stories in automotive history, new and exciting products or service we’re offer, and much more. Be […]