Common VW Repairs

What To Plan For When Owning A Volkswagen

Whether you’re driving an older VW or recently purchased a new vehicle, there are several common repairs you should be aware of. These common Volkswagen issues require specialized care, so find out where you can go in Chantilly, VA, for these essential VW repair services and routine maintenance for your vehicle.

Rattling Muffler Brackets

A common VW issue is a damaged muffler bracket. Typical signs of this issue include ratting sounds as you drive. Sometimes these sounds appear only when you drive over a bump, but other times they can be continuously heard as you drive. Over time, this loose bracket can cause damage to your muffler. A qualified technician can quickly repair this issue. It’s important to contact a local technician since this rattling sound could also be caused by rear springs that are near failure. A rattling bracket is a minor inconvenience, but damaged rear springs need to be dealt with promptly to remain safe on the road.

Routine Maintenance Issues

Just like other vehicles, your VW requires several routine maintenance steps to prevent significant issues. From frequent oil changes and new air filters to wheel alignment services, ask a technician to help you determine the scheduling of these essential maintenance steps.

Consult your owner’s manual for information about your maintenance schedule. Depending on your driving habits, you may need to change your oil or filters more frequently than the standard recommendations, so it’s still a good idea to work with a local technician.

Specialized Equipment

A major reason to work with a qualified technician for your VW issues is the specialized equipment required. Some common VW repairs require equipment that you may not have in your garage, so ask your local technician if they have experience working with VW components.

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Written by GT Peace Automotive