Engine 101: What are the Main Engine Parts and Which Parts Need Repair Most Often

Engine Basics 101

Everything You Need to Know About Engine Repair and Parts

You may be driving for years, or even decades, but do you know what’s going on under your hood? It’s important to know the main components of your vehicle’s engine and when these parts need engine repair. If you don’t know the first thing about engines, don’t stress! The experts at GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia have your back!

Engine Overview

Most cars on the road today are powered by a 4-stroke engine. This means that the engine has four strokes in its power cycle, including the intake, compression, power, and exhaust stroke.

The main parts of an engine include the block, crank, pistons, and cylinder head. Sometimes, one of these components may need engine repair to work properly.


The main component of any engine is its block. This part harnesses energy from gas and looks like a huge metal piece in the center of your car’s engine.


As their name suggests, the engine pistons are the parts that move up and down in the block cylinders. They transfer the energy from expanding gas to the crankshaft.


This part of the engine is powered by the pistons and pushes one piston up as another one goes down. This is what propels your car forward. Imagine the crank on a bicycle that is powered by your legs.

Cylinder Head

This part is attached to your vehicle’s engine by the cylinder bolts and topped off with a head gasket. The cylinder head includes valves, springs, rockers, and many other parts to control the air passageways of the cylinders during intake strokes.

Common Engine Repairs

Some common types of engine repairs include:

Cracked block 

Symptoms of this issue include coolant leaks, overheating, and smoking.

Worn or broken bearings, pins, or rods 

Signs of this engine issue can include low oil pressure or a tapping sound.

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Written by GT Peace Automotive