Look out for these repair issues in your BMW!

Know the Common Issues with BMW Cars

Foreign vehicles offer American buyers the opportunity to own high-end performance cars and the luxuries they have built into each model. Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are the most recognizable and consistently impressive foreign vehicles to see on the road around Chantilly, Virginia. Each manufacturer has any number of technologies and features that set their cars apart from others. But, they also have their issues. High-performance vehicles demand more from their engines, and the higher the level of technology, the more prone to computer failures as well. In BMW alone, there are ten issues that owners should know before and after purchasing their car. While some problems arise in high-mileage vehicles, others can give you early warning signs and the opportunity to make a preventative repair.

Coolant System: BMW owners shouldn’t expect any issues with the coolant system until after 80,000 miles or even 100,000. The necessary function of the coolant system, keeping the engine from overheating, will be the telltale sign when things start to fail. If your engine becomes more and more likely to overheat, you may want a technician to take a look at the coolant system.

Heater Core: Not surprisingly, BMWs with cooling issues may also have problems with the heater core. In fact, if your vehicle has trouble producing too much or not enough heat, this could be an early sign before your coolant system fails.

Electric Windows: We mentioned earlier those technological failures from new features. Even though electric windows have been around for decades, BMW still has issues with its technology. Some owners have found their electric windows will fail to close, which presents a security issue, a safety issue, and a maintenance issue.

Filter Gasket: While this sounds like a small problem, and it is, it can lead to big consequences. If the gasket that connects to your oil filter begins to leak, this compromises the oil pressure in your engine. Low oil pressure can lead to overheating in your engine or even the breakdown of parts that need oil in order to lubricate their motion. The oil that is being leaked can also cause problems or even fire if it gets to a super-heated part of your engine and ignites.

High-pressure fuel pump: BMW owners will notice reduced performance in their vehicle if the high-pressure fuel pump begins to fail. Of the two fuel pumps in your vehicle, the low-pressure draws fuel from the tank, and the high-pressure injects it into the combustion chamber. If the latter is not performing correctly, you may notice shuddering at high speeds, poor acceleration, or complete failure to turn over the engine.

Whatever the issue with your BMW, preventative maintenance and early detection repairs are essential to keep a small problem from becoming a big one!

Written by GT Peace Automotive