Signs you Need Brake Repair

Don’t Ignore These Signs That You Need Brake Repair

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure your safety on the road is maintaining your brakes. Fortunately, if your brakes are experiencing trouble, your vehicle will let you know. If you notice any of the following warning signs of bad brakes, take your vehicle to GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia for brake repair servicing right away.

Grinding or Squealing Noises

One sure sign that your car needs brake repair is if you notice squealing, grinding, or squeaking noises when you apply pressure to your brakes. This could sound like two pieces of metal rubbing together.

This noise is caused by a worn-out brake pad. If you notice a metallic grinding noise, take your car into GT Peace Automotive immediately.

An Illuminated Brake Light

Your vehicle will let you know that it’s in need of brake repair when the yellow or red brake light illuminates on your dashboard. While an engaged emergency brake could be the culprit behind the illuminated brake indicator light, it’s always best to have your car inspected by an experienced mechanic if the brake light doesn’t turn off when the parking brake is disengaged.

Vibrating When Braking

If your car shakes or vibrates when you apply pressure to the brake pedal it may mean that it needs brake repair services. This is because the rotor may be uneven. This causes it to hit one of the vehicle’s brake pads, causing your car to vibrate.

A Burning Odor

Are you noticing a sharp, burning smell when you repeatedly step on the brake pedal? It may be because of an overheated clutch or brake. If you’re driving, pull over to a safe spot immediately, inspect your parking brake to ensure it’s released, and wait for it to cool off. If you don’t, you could risk total brake failure.

Have your vehicle towed to a repair shop for a thorough inspection.

If you notice grinding noises, burning odors, vibration, or an illuminated brake light, your vehicle may be in need of brake repair services. For help, contact the experts at GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, Virginia today.

Written by GT Peace Automotive