What Services Does Your Mercedes Need?

Mercedes has figured out the maintenance schedule for you!

Most vehicle manufacturers include a suggested maintenance plan in their vehicle owner’s manual. Mercedes, of course, have put more thought into their suggestion than other companies. The Mercedes maintenance schedule breaks down into Service A and Service B, which include some of the some, but not all of the same services and is ideally performed at different ages of the vehicle. When your car hits a certain mileage, it’s time for a Service A or Service B, depending on that mileage.

Service A will come up first when the engine ticks over 10,000 miles or is one year old. Then it’s only necessary every 20,000 or two years. During the service, your technician will drain and replace the oil in your engine and replace the oil filter. Over time your oil picks up debris from the engine or dirt from the road, and it becomes thicker and less efficient at cooling down your engine. All fluids need to be checked during this service to ensure your vehicle is properly lubricated and cooled to prevent damage. Next, the tire pressure will be checked and corrected if necessary to find the ideal inflation for your tire. Your brakes will also be inspected, though, at 10,000 miles, there shouldn’t be significant wear on them yet. Finally, your technician will reset the maintenance counter. The next time it counts down, Service B will be required.

Service B is suggested at the age of 20,000 or two years and then every 20,000 or two years after that. Service A and B rotate every other 10,000 miles for the life of your vehicle. This ensures you have a scheduled maintenance appointment once a year. In Service B, your technician will drain and replace the oil and oil filter. They will also replace the cabin dust and combination filter. This filter removes the air’s impurities before it is pumped into the passenger cabin of the vehicle. When your technician checks the brakes this time, they will also exchange the brake fluid. They’ll check all fluids and exchange them as necessary. The tires will be checked once again and will reset the maintenance counter.

Mercedes has made it easy on both the vehicle owner and the technicians servicing the vehicle. In a new car, regular services give your technician the opportunity to make sure the engine is breaking in correctly. For older cars, they have created this schedule to prevent common issues that arise to ensure their vehicles last longer. When you chose your Mercedes, maybe it was for the performance, or the luxury, or the look of it, but whatever the reason, you want your vehicle to be around for a long time. Mercedes A and B maintenance services will give your car the best chance of a long life on the road!

Written by GT Peace Automotive