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Since opening in 2014, GT Peace Automotive has been the premier European import and domestic repair provider, offering white-glove service, in the Chantilly area. We value quality, honesty, integrity, and transparency in everything we do. Our team at GT Peace Automotive includes a panel of experts who only recommend ethical and honest repairs and maintenance. Our commitment to excellence and focus on supporting our customers is what makes us Chantilly's top choice for import repair. Our highly trained factory technicians offer expert services for high-end European makes such as BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Audi, and more. We have more than 50 years of combined experience repairing and maintaining vehicles to factory specifications. Drivers of foreign and domestic makes can trust us to restore their car, truck, or SUV to its original condition. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we look forward to serving your vehicle needs with our personal brand of excellence.

2 Year/24,000 Mile Warranty–All Parts & Labor*

Visit GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, VA to experience our professionalism and courtesy first had. Our team understands that we do far more than simply “fix cars.” We are dedicated to serving our customers with ethical and honest repairs. We believe our excellent customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. There are many auto repair shops in the area, but there is only one GT Peace Automotive. Where else can they expect dealership-level knowledge and service expertise at affordable prices? Our repair shop values drivers just as much as the vehicles we service. Our team ensures that you and your vehicle get the attention you deserve. Our focus is to provide quick, reliable service to make sure you can keep up with your very busy lifestyle.

Northern Virginia’s Elite Auto Repair Shop

Unexpected auto repairs can be an inconvenience and a headache for drivers, but we are here to take all of the stress out of the repair process. Your car problems are a thing of the past because we have not encountered an issue we are not able to solve. Our qualified technicians are trained in both import and domestic maintenance and repair services. At GT Peace Automotive, we will go above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations, while striving to earn and keep customer trust.

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GT Peace Automotive really cares about their customers. They did a great job installing my MFactory limited slip differential in my car. And they got it done fast at a very fair price. Thank you GT Peace!


The short answer is that if you are looking for a great, professional team to provide high quality care for your vehicle, GT Peace is a place you want to go. Would I recommend them to friends and family? Would I bring the car back? Am I completely satisfied? The answer to all is “without question.” I took my E46 M3 to them on short notice (due to incoming snow) and they allowed me to drop my car off in advance. I had them take care of much needed maintenance (valve adjustment and drivesh... Read More

Ron C

Hands down the best place to take your car for any work! After having a not so great experience at another local shop we were referred to GT Peace Automotive. Can not say enough how amazing they are! They were very detailed and up front with what work needed to be done and what work did not need to be done. It was nice to have an honest person assess the car and not just take us for more money needlessly. Galen went above and beyond and made our experience hands down the best we have ever had... Read More

Debbie Walker

Freddy did a great job communicating with me when my car was finished, even finished everything up a day early! I highly recommend them for any BMW needs. Thanks again guys!

Chris MacGregor

I recently purchased a used 4Runner and we are new to the area. We received MANY recommendations to use GT Peace Automotive to run through and to a new-purchase inspection as well as an oil change. I previously have had poor experiences with mechanics, even highly recommended ones, trying to up-sell, or noting problems with devices that were nowhere near needing maintenance, always spending much more than anticipated. That was not the case with GT Peace... I was shocked at how incredible the ... Read More

Allison Cain

I had been taking my 2015 Audi Q5 TDI to the Audi dealer since new (coming on 6 years). The service has been fine, but now that I am out of warranty, I wanted to find a local Indy shop for non-extended warranty service. When my car was in for its 55K service at Audi, they noted several things that should be replaced, shocks GT Peace replaced my rear shocks, performed a coolant flush and a rear differential service. The work performed was perfect, saved several dollars and had the pleasure... Read More

Barry Giordano

This place is awesome. They serviced two vehicles for me and did a fantastic job with both. As far as I can tell, the owners are extremely fair and trustworthy, and the pricing was much better than the first mechanic we went to. Would highly recommend!

Grace Gae

I recently moved to the area, and my check engine light came on. I have a Jeep Patriot 2015 that has been pretty low maintenance so far. I called and spoke with Shawn who was very good at explaining how they work and setting up an appointment. He was always came through happy to explain the details (I like understanding what is going on), not just on the repairs but on what it would cost. Besides the issue with the engine light (electronic throttle body) I already knew I had some repairs pend... Read More

Andrea Monge

I have brought my SUV in initially to achieve better stopping power. The Service was great, and the result even better. All for about the same as the dealer would have charged. I then took my hybrid in for a tire balance issue, and then again for brakes. All great experiences and very reasonable costs. I plan to use them again

Paul Krein

Excellent customer service and great communication. Gave me a loaner car for the day as a part was needed but not ready until next day. Very competetive prices and lower than 2 other places I contacted. Will definitely bring my car back again.

Min Sae Chae