Oil Change in Chantilly, VA

Your Trusted Resource for Routine Care

At GT Peace Automotive, we won't be the first technicians to tell you the value of regular oil changes. We want our customers to understand why they are important. From high-end luxury cars to utility vehicles and off-road trucks, all engines consume oil at a different rate, and the habits of the driver also play a role in oil life. Over time, the oil in your engine will become thicker as it slowly evaporates. It also picks up little debris and imperfections on its route through your vehicle's vital parts. If you use your car more often, the oil will deteriorate more quickly. If you use your vehicle infrequently, you may not be giving the engine a chance to heat up enough to burn off some of the imperfections in the oil. The more we know about how you use your vehicle, the better plan we can make for keeping it running for a long time!

Preventative Maintenance for Imports & Domestic Vehicles

Oil changes are an integral part of regularly scheduled maintenance for all vehicles, especially European imports. GT Peace Automotive offers BMW Inspection I and II, Mercedes A Service and B Service, and so on. These schedules include many crucial services including, oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, and more. Driving behavior directly affects the way it ages and visiting our technicians regularly will ensure that we have can proactively protect your engine.

BMW Oil Leaks

BMW oil leaks can be fairly common if the vehicle is not serviced properly. Visit our shop for maintenance so you do not become a statistic. We encourage our clients to make appointments for regularly scheduled maintenance at GT Peace Automotive, so we can keep an eye on common problem areas and save you the cost and headache of unexpected repairs.

Dealership Alternative

When you drive by our shop, you will see a variety of high-end models, as well as domestic makes. Our dynamic team of technicians are dedicated experts within their field and we service all makes and models without sacrificing quality. Our team noticed the dilemma for vehicle owners in Chantilly, Virginia, to choose between dealer prices or inexperienced, independent shops. At GT Peace Automotive, we provide dealership expertise with the attention and customer service you expect from a small, local shop. We cater our services to highlight the performance you expect from your vehicle. Come visit us at 4003 Westfax Drive or call us at 703-956-6499 to speak with one of our experienced technicians about a maintenance plan for your vehicle.