Transmission Repair in Chantilly, VA

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At GT Peace Automotive, we are focused on the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Whether you drive a Lexus, Volvo, BMW or domestic make, we approach transmission service from many angles. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to pinpoint any developing faults and discuss the best driving and shifting habits to reduce wear on the transmission. Often neglected in favor of the more common repairs, transmission service is still essential for the performance of your vehicle, whether it is an import or domestic make. Whether you drive an automatic or manual, you want your gears to slide smoothly to preserve combustion-generated energy.

Our Goals

Preventative Maintenance

Vehicle manufacturers create a factory-standard maintenance recommendation that includes oil changes, tire checks, and engine repair. For example, Mercedes follow A Service and B Service, while BMWs have Inspection I and Inspection II. We include regular transmission checks as well. Our factory-trained technicians know what signs to look for and can suggest repairs or even improved driving or shifting habits. Even if you do not need a full transmission check, our technicians are always glad to talk to drivers about safe and efficient procedures. We perform fluid service to keep parts lubricated for smooth transmission performance.

Transmission Repair

Transmission problems can develop no matter how much care you give to your vehicle- it is a part of the aging process for a vehicle. We aim to bring your vehicle back to like-new condition. With your transmission, that means helping you achieve smooth shifts and clean performance. We want your transmission to work as smoothly as possible, so that very little energy is lost due to friction. If your vehicle is beginning to feel sluggish, especially while shifting gears, this may be an indication of a developing issue that needs our attention.

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GT Peace Automotive has been working in the Chantilly, Virginia area since 2014. We have built a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service. Our team is happy to answer any questions to make sure you know as much as you want to know about your vehicle’s transmission repair and maintenance. All of our services are backed by a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty* to give you peace of mind when you drive your car out of our shop. Find us at 4003 Westfax Drive for your next transmission service. You can also call 703-956-6499 or use our online scheduler to make an appointment. Come by the shop today to discuss how we can improve your vehicle’s transmission performance.