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The Volkswagen is one of America’s favorite imports with reliability and longevity well-known throughout the industry. Volkswagen keeps the highest standards to which you’ve grown accustomed while bringing innovation to enhance your driving experiences. It takes our service experts using the industry’s advanced technologies to make sure you get the biggest return on your investment in quality road travel. GT Peace Automotive in Chantilly, VA has a team of dedicated technicians with expert training and expertise with all Volkswagen models.

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GT Peace Automotive offers an affordable alternative to dealership service without sacrificing quality to maintain your Volkswagen. We treat fellow enthusiasts like family and we know how to keep your vehicle in optimal condition. Volkswagens are created with expert engineering and manufacturing, and it is no accident that many Volkswagens are known to perform well beyond 300,000 miles. Give us a call today at 703-956-6499 to schedule your next appointment or come see us at 4003 Westfax Drive to maintain your Volkswagen today.

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Our preventative maintenance services help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns, which is the key to your Volkswagen’s enhanced performance and longevity. We keep you ahead of any performance issues with thorough inspections and diagnoses. Volkswagen is a unique vehicle that deserves specialized service and attention. We retain the resale value of your Volkswagen by protecting and preserving its diesel engine. We provide ourselves on superior services, as well as customer service. Our team ensures that Volkswagen owners keep driving and we preserve your vehicle for as long as you need it. Come to us first for any of your Volkswagen repair or maintenance needs because we know best how to handle your vehicle. Years of service expertise and training have made us the preferred alternative to visiting the dealership.