Look out for these repair issues in your BMW!

Know the Common Issues with BMW Cars Foreign vehicles offer American buyers the opportunity to own high-end performance cars and the luxuries they have built into each model. Audi, Mercedes, and BMW are the most recognizable and consistently impressive foreign vehicles to see on the road around Chantilly, Virginia. Each manufacturer has any number of […]

Know the Signs of a Failing Clutch

Manual Drivers: Pay Attention to Your Clutch In general, manual drivers have to better feel for their vehicle than drivers of automatic engines. A manual driver has to wait for the ideal moment to shift gears, and they often rely on the visual of their dashboard dials, the sound of the RPMs, and the feel […]

Should you spring for after-market brakes?

OEM versus After-Market Brakes After you buy your new vehicle (or a used vehicle that’s new to you), you don’t want to consider replacing the brakes immediately. Most manufacturer’s factory-standard brakes are designed to reduce noise, dust, increase stopping ability, and long-life. These brake pads are called OEM brake pads. For everyday driving, commuting to […]